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And in 3.0, Python is adding a bytes type, so b"foo"[0]==102

Obviously both ways are useful. If I had to guess what Arc ends up doing, I'd guess : whatever leads to the programmer having to type less tokens, or whatever facilitates clever macro definitions, leading to same.


5 points by randallsquared 6006 days ago | link

I would suggest that marking a literal vector of bytes is not the most useful role double quotes could play. Python has a lot of history of using that, due to exactly this kind of confusion of strings and vectors of bytes, leading to b"", u"", etc.


1 point by scav 6006 days ago | link | parent | on: [... _ ...] is fishy

Seconded. As soon as I saw the [+ _ 1] example I wondered - can you put the _ anywhere? Yeah, apparently so.

I love it when I see a new programming notation and really, really want to play with it.


2 points by scav 6006 days ago | link | parent | on: Any way to write standalone scripts?

Hmm. Problem is, that means stdin is your arc script. For many scripting tasks, you want stdin to be the input to your script, e.g. a pipe or console or redirected file.