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I have a user request for you!

I sent this on to some runner friends of mine, and a couple of them said it'd be pretty cool if there was an optional box for "time run" as well. (Marathon runners like to train by time, I guess).


3 points by brett 4404 days ago | link

That would be a natural next step. Unfortunately I think I'm tapped out on larger blocks of arc hacking for a little while.


1 point by icey 4410 days ago | link | parent | on: So... is it pronounced "ark" or "arch"?

As in arctangent or arc welding.


5 points by icey 4411 days ago | link | parent | on: Clarification about Character Sets

This is exactly what needed to be said about the Arc release, thank you!


Paul, I think a lot of the arc emo-kids would be assuaged if you would talk a little bit more about whether you outright reject the possibility of unicode in Arc versus whether or not you just hadn't gotten to it.

I mean, I think a lot of this would die down if you were to say something like "Look, I'm building a language, I haven't gotten to unicode. If someone builds a patch that works, I'd be happy to integrate it in". Or something like that.

I know it would make a difference to me, and would let a lot of people look past the fact that it's missing _right now_


1 point by Xichekolas 4411 days ago | link

Isn't that what he pretty much said on his personal page?

As I read it, character set support isn't that interesting to him right now, and he'd rather focus on other things. Everyone keeps treating it like this version of the language is the final one. Of course it's going to constantly gain new functionality.


3 points by fauigerzigerk 4411 days ago | link

If that had been my impression I'd never have posted anything on this rather boring topic. What made me think it might be a permanent design decision is this extract from the Arc intro: "[...] it doesn't support any character sets except ascii. Such things may have their uses, but there's also a place for a language that skips them"


1 point by icey 4411 days ago | link

The problem is that it's left open to interpretation. Sure, he said Arc is a work in progress, and everyone gets that. The problem is knowing what's on the table for change, and what's not.


3 points by icey 4412 days ago | link | parent | on: I called it

You deserve a big pat on the back.

Oh wait, you already did that.


1 point by icey 4412 days ago | link | parent | on: Welcome

I'm not pg, but I'd assume it will work the same as mzscheme works on multiple cpus, since it's just a bunch of declarations on top of mzscheme.


4 points by soegaard 4412 days ago | link

An instance of MzScheme will only use one cpu even on multi-cpu machines. In order to use more than one cpu, start several instances and let them communicate either via tcp or via files.